The Casey Anthony Trial: I Can't Watch


I have tried to be as removed from the Casey Anthony trial as I possibly can while still keeping “up” with the latest outcome.

All I know is that they are doing closing arguments today, but I can not watch. If I turn on CNN, I will get sucked in, and my heart can’t take it.

Ever since I became a mom, stories like poor Caylee’s make me physically ill. I cringe when I look at the front of the newspaper every morning because there always seems to be another awful story about an abusive parent and an unfortunate innocent child.  I am so sad that she couldn’t be saved. I don’t understand why kids have to suffer- ever. And I just can’t get it out of my mind.

Honestly, the headlines and snippets that I hear about the case via Twitter and Facebook are a strong reminder for me to be a better mom to my own children. It’s shameful, but true. I squeeze them tighter and say a few hundred more I love yous. I try not to let my mind “go there” about the victims and hope that justice is served. But we all know even that is not enough.

Are you watching the trial? Has it had an effect on your parenting?

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