The Disney Princes Get Their Sexy Back


tarzanOK, I thought the idea of sexing up the Disney princes sounded mildly funny, so I jumped off a link over at Lemondrop declaring undying love to Ariel’s Prince Eric, and came up with this:

Prince Edward from Enchanted in ass-less chaps:



Pulled from Deviant Art, the images are certainly the princes like you’ve never seen them before. And I’ve got to hand it to them – for the most part, they’ve put a little sexy in some pretty ho hum images. Lemondrop – you’re right – Eric has it.

But the, ahem, packages on most of these “men” is a clear giveaway these aren’t for the little princesses in your life. And while you’ve got rank them seven miles above the actual porn made using Disney princesses, I couldn’t help feeling a teeny bit squicked. They’re just cartoon characters – I get it. But I know I’m going to be thinking about Tarzan’s pubes the next time I see the flick.

Do you think these are mmm good or uh uh no way?

Images: David Kawena

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