'The First Taste': Kids Hilariously Prove Some Food is More Complicated than Others (VIDEO)

The First Taste
Vegemite: It’s complicated

Eating shouldn’t be a complicated activity: You put food in your mouth, chew, swallow. Easy-peasy, right?

Ask a 3-year-old who has to gag down some broccoli how simple it is. Or a 4-year-old staring down a pimento-stuffed green olive.

Food can be extraordinarily complex — and delicious, of course. But to get to the delicious part, sometimes you have to allow your palate some time to appreciate the sophistication of the flavors.

Try telling that, however, to a little kid.

Ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi produced a delightful video for TEDxSydney (that we first saw on Dinner A Love Story) of children taking their first taste of some “challenging foods” (think anchovies, vegemite and pickled onions) in which they’re shown in high speed (which is like high-clarity slow motion) after getting a mouthful.

It’s eye-opening and hilarious all at once. Take a look:



Photo/video credit: TedxTalks/YouTube

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