The Hobbit Begins Filming, Finally

The Hobbit has begun filming

After delays in production, Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit is finally getting underway. When it eventually opens, I’ll be sitting in the front row with my kids. Maybe I’ll take my sister Arwen with me. She’s named after the Elven princess from the Lord of the Rings, who makes a brief appearance in the Hobbit.

Filming of the Hobbit was held up due to Peter Jackson’s surgery, a threatened actor’s boycott and studio funding issues. The Hobbit is a huge project: they are making two films which will cost a total of $500 million.

Jackson was the mastermind behind the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy, which won a total of 17 Academy Awards. He’ll be bringing back a lot of the cast of those movies, including Elijah Wood, Ian McKellan, Cate Blanchett and Orlando Bloom. Martin Freeman will star as Bilbo Baggins.

While the Lord of the Rings are really adult fare, The Hobbit was written for children. It’s a fairy tale of sorts about a homey little Hobbit who takes off on a grand adventure. There are dwarves, wizards, elves and dragons. It’s the quintessential fantasy story. In it, Bilbo discovers the One Ring that drives the plot of the rest of the series. But it’s not the centerpiece of an epic battle between good and evil in The Hobbit. Just a handy magic ring that helps Bilbo turn invisible as needed.

Will you be taking your kids to see this movie? Or do you expect Peter Jackson’s treatment will be too violent for little eyes?

Photo: miss rogue