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The Horror! 20 Family Easter Photos Gone Terribly, Terribly Wrong

By Monica Bielanko |

Wait, you mean they planned this photo? On purpose?

Easter isn’t my thing, man.  Never liked the candy and never really gelled to the whole Easter Bunny concept and the tenuous tie-in with Jesus.  While I think Jesus was probably a great guy who did a whole lot of nice stuff for some folks I don’t really know how much I believe in resurrection and all that.  I like my walking dead to be on television, is what I’m saying.

So… Easter.  Yeah.  I don’t think I’ve met a bunny that isn’t terrifying in his or her own special way.  They all seem to be escaped mental patients posing as bunnies so they can get close enough to drink your blood.  Or something.

Last year Babble hosted an Easter Photo gone wrong contest wherein y’all submitted your Easter Photos and I am telling you what: stick to photos of the kids in their Easter ensembles standing in the garden next to some flowers or something.  Leave the bunny out of it.  Below are twenty reasons why:

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20 of the Creepiest Easter Bunnies You Ever Saw

Crying Won't Help You

Both the Easter Bunny and your mom laugh at your pain.

You can also find Monica Bielanko on her personal blog, The Girl Who.


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Monica Bielanko

Monica Bielanko was raised on the wild frontier of late 1970's Utah. She is a recovering Mormon who married the guitar player of an unknown band. She's been married to her Babble Voices writing partner, Serge Bielanko, for the past nine years. Her personal blog, The Girl Who was in the top ten of last year's Top 50 list. Read bio and latest posts → Read Monica's latest posts →

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19 thoughts on “The Horror! 20 Family Easter Photos Gone Terribly, Terribly Wrong

  1. LN says:

    HAHAHAHAAHAHAH! LOVE these! :) )

  2. marrissa says:

    some of these are really scary i had to skip fast on a couple

  3. donna says:

    laughed so hard I peed a little hahahahahah goood stuffffff

  4. Cheyenne says:

    Did you notice the creepier the “Easter bunny” looked the happier the kids were and the cuter it was the more the kids were scared of it??? lol weird!

  5. Erin says:

    We try to keep Spring and Easter two separate things. We celebrate baby critters and plant spring flowers and make cute things for just spring. Then Easter is all about what Jesus gave us…life.

  6. Cindy says:

    OMG! I was laughing so hard I was crying… who knew Easter Bunnies could be sooooo scary! The commentary on these pictures was priceless! Thanks!

  7. Brie says:

    Oh. My. Gosh! I’m laughing so hard I’m crying… I’m so glad we don’t do Santa, Easter Bunny, etc.

    The comments on the photos are HILARIOUS!

    What the heck is with the dog one… Looks like something that should be illegal in all 50 states.

    Thank you for the much needed laugh.

  8. carol says:

    Wow, some of those bunny faces were scary. Never realized how awful some of them are. No wonder kids scream at the bunny.

  9. Raylee says:

    Those are scary as H&^*#!! I couldn’t click through some of them fast enough! I can’t imagine plopping my kids on the laps of some of those bunnies. They look like they borrowed them off horror movie sets. Can you imagine how many photo albums and mantles have these lovely portraits just waiting to scare the heck out of people innocently reminiscing…

  10. Hanni says:

    Wow…those are downright disturbing but hilarious! Some of those bunnies should audition for the next iteration of Scream…I can see a whole series based on some of these costumes. That’s some scary #%@$#, man.

  11. Barb says:

    What the heck is wrong with the people that make bunny costumes? Too many seriously creepy bunnys in those pictures! Yikes!

  12. Sarah says:

    Seriously…WHAT is up with these photos…I have never seen bunny costumes like this (thank goodness) These poor children. HAHA these are great!

  13. Rachel says:

    omg these pictures and their caption underneath made me laugh so hard, i couldn’t stop crying! LOL “is that a carrot in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?” HAHA love it

  14. Belinda says:

    In Australia we don’t have photos with the easter bunny (well I’ve never seen people line up for photos with it!!) so these photos are not only new to me that way, they are also a crack up! Those poor kids…must go back and look again for another laugh :-)

  15. Vicki says:

    There are some seriously twisted Easter Bunny’s in there. I love the one with the big carrot. Those poor kids are traumatized for life, lol. BTW, what kind of parent would make their child get close to one of those? Just curious.

  16. Zoë says:

    OMFG!! Those are some scary bunnies. In the past, we have been accused of scarring our children by not taking Easter pictures (or pictures with Santa), but now I can offer this post as proof that we are actually saving them from a lifetime or nightmares. I, on the other hand, might not sleep well tonight after looking at these.

  17. kacy says:

    what the heck…..these are terrifying and HILARIOUS!!!

  18. janet says:

    Holy Hi-freaking-larious, Batman! I seriously laughed so hard I cried. Thank goodness most of my office is out at lunch.

  19. T says:

    Dirty bunny looks like Chewbacca

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