The Internet Really Can Do Everything, Even Help Deliver Babies


3675430795_1383766b7f_mWhen Leroy Smith, 29, realized that his wife Emma was going to deliver their fourth baby at home before the midwife arrived, he did what came naturally. Smith pulled out his Blackberry and frantically googled “how to deliver a baby”.

After a couple of searches, he settled on the instructions on wikiHow and used them to safely help guide his daughter Mahalia into the world. She was born weighing just over 6 lbs. The midwife arrived five minutes after the birth. She cut the baby’s cord and examined both mother and child. Both were healthy.

The midwife had seen Emma earlier in the day, when she was in early labor. She’d sent her home to rest, thinking the baby would be awhile in coming. When the labor sped up, Smith called her, but quickly realized the midwife would not make it to their home in time.

Emma said she used to dislike her husband’s Blackberry, but she’s more sympathetic to the device now. She says she’ll never complain about him being on the phone again.

The couple’s three older children are very proud of their dad, and thrilled to have a new baby sister. Mahalia is the first girl in the family.

Photo: Mohammed