The iOS5 Roundup


I was going to do a write-up on IOS 5 last week, but as the IOS 5 deluge flooded my stream, I decided that everything that could possibly said about it, had already been said. Instead I’m going to join the content DJ’ing bandwagon. I’ve gathered up the diverse opinions, tips/advice, and “cheat sheets” to the operating system that will change the world. (Thanks again, Steve).

• This Lifehacker article gives you a nice overview of IOS5’s features.

• On, HuffPost Poornima Gupta and Jim Finkle outline some common IOS5 and iCloud problems. The one that I’ve heard about the most is problems with email service, either losing email service or problems authenticating emails. Others reported in the article are intermittent slowness when signing in to iCloud, users unable to back up their data, and delays receiving verification emails from Apple. Supposedly, they are all being addressed.

• Another on Lifehacker points out some reasons NOT to upgrade.

• One article brings up an interesting point — security: “If one account is hacked or one device is stolen, others could be compromised because they are linked in the cloud. And cloud providers control that information, which they could hand over to marketers or law enforcement,” says Gerry Smith of the Huffington Post. That’s something anyone using any kind of cloud storage must factor in, not just iCloud.

The one I bookmarked is on how to update without losing all your data.

And note that you should budget about an hour to transition, according to our very own CecilyK.

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