The Lost Art Of Blogging

Photo by Philip Toledano

I read a post over at the blog Dirt and Noise about the “lost art” of…thank you notes, building a fire, napping, etc. and it got me thinking. What things are a lost art in blogging?


I feel like somewhat of a blogging granny having been at this since 2004 and I have a lot of “remember when…” moments. Here are the things that I think have become a lost art in blogging:

Leaving Comments – how many times do people reply on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook in lieu of leaving you a comment on your post? Commenting on an actual blog post seems to be a lost art now.

Being Anonymous – when I began blogging I wrote anonymously, as did several other mom bloggers I know who are “out” now. Remember when it was too new and scary to blog under your real name?

Blogging About Other Blog Posts – kinda like what I’m doing here. Do mom blogs really link to each other in a post anymore if it’s not about a DIY? Blogging about other bloggers or blog posts was how we originally all got to know each other. That and the quintessential…

Having a Blogroll – how many of us still have a blogroll? And if you do, when did you last update it?

Blogging Daily – I remember when so many of us used to blog every day on our personal blogs. I know a few who still do, but the majority of bloggers are writing at other places now and the personal blog gets neglected (guilty as charged).

What do you think is a lost art in blogging?


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