The Most Bizarre Baby Products of 2011

Guess what this teether is modeled after? The very tasty (if not a bit spicy) answer can be found after the jump.

I’m all for a good, innovative baby product. The Bebe Au Lait and My Brest Friend have changed my life. Or made it easier to breastfeed, anyway.

But as the mom of a 3-year-old and 1-month-old, I’ve been the recipient of some bizarre baby gifts in my time, too. Nothing quite so bizarre as that which have come out of a recent baby expo, however.

Check out these brand spankin’ new baby products and tell me you’ve seen something stranger. (Kudos to The Baby Guy NYC Jamie Grayson for his selections.) No really, please, tell me. I’m always game for a good laugh. To see the whole list, head over to Perezito’s.


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