The "Next Button" from Google Reader


Yesterday I discussed partial vs. full feeds for your blog, and mentioned that sometimes the best gift you can give a blogger is simply going to their actual site. It turns out that an amazing tool exists to make it easy to both use your reader AND read posts directly on the blog sites: the Google Reader Next button.

It’s an amazing thing, really. It’s a button for your browser’s bookmark toolbar, and each time you click it, it takes you to the next post in your reader but to the blog post, itself.

Cool, right? So here’s how to install it.

Start in Google Reader. Go to the top right hand corner in google where the little cog is. Here are my helpful images with badly drawn arrows to help guide you.

Once you’re in the settings section, click on the “Goodies” button.

Then scroll waaaaay down… until you see “Put Reader in a bookmark.” There’s the next button! Just drag it up to up to your toolbar.

And, done! Now you can peruse blogs with, well, just a click. Enjoy!

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