The Number One Way To Be a Better Writer


My number one tippy top advice for being a better writer? It’s something we ALL do. Especially women. Especially mothers.

It’s something that lowers our self esteem, makes us feel tiny and takes every single breath of wind from our sails.

What am I talking about?

Comparing ourselves to other writers.

Stop doing it! Don’t compare yourself to anyone.


Because not only will your confidence increase, but your risk-taking in your writing will increase too. You won’t worry about what anyone is doing or saying, beyond using ideas as fodder for your own work. You won’t be worried about the latest blogger coming out with a book or how many comments that other blogger has or how everyone has more traffic than you.

You will be laser focused on YOUR work, on making yourself better and on leveraging your own skills and making your writing muscles bigger.

Don’t give in to the temptations to compare, just marinate in YOU, your gifts and your unique voice!

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