The Obama Family at a Miley Cyrus Concert


Was2546676Michelle Obama took her daughters to a Miley Cyrus concert at the Verizon Center last night, putting both election results and weekday bedtimes second to Sasha and Malia’s desire to “Party in the U.S.A.” with their peers.

While Miley Cyrus has been voted “worst celebrity influence” (and her little sister is well on her way to following in her footsteps, if her Halloween costume is any indication), she is, after all, adored by tweens everywhere, and Sasha and Malia are at the perfect age to be wooed by her act.

Besides, the only preteen girls who are in serious danger of emulating celebrities are those whose parents are not at the concert with them, and are not talking to them about the physical and emotional dangers of exploiting their sexuality.

I would have been up in arms had my mother refused to let me read Seventeen magazine (which I loved for one year–when I was nine) or play with my Barbies (which were always gifts from outside the family) or spend hours practicing putting on lipstick with my third-grade peers. But both of my parents always emulated appropriate behavior for me (which certainly can’t be said for the Cyrus girls) and, most importantly, gained my trust so that I could speak openly with them and get their advice, through high school and beyond.

Although the Obama girls did get to meet the Jonas Brothers on Inauguration night, the First Lady has said that she wants  to limit their close encounters with celebrities, to make their childhoods as normal as possible. Sadly, going to a Miley Cyrus concert as a preteen girl is about as normal as it gets these days.

Would you ever take your daughter to a Miley Cyrus concert? Do you think the Obamas have a special responsibility to boycott inappropriate celebrities, or is it most important to let Sasha and Malia be kids?

Photo: Jezebel