The Obamas Advise Parents To Turn Off The TV


obama_family_443x400‘The girls don’t watch TV during the week.  Period.”  So goes an executive order from our Commander in Chief that he is not likely to rescind any time soon.

The Obamas have a nightly ritual like any other family.  Sasha (8) and Malia (11) dive into their schoolwork after school until dinner–any remaining studying is attended to afterward.   But if the work is done?  No American Idol,  ditto iCarly, and you can forget Drake & Josh.  The TV stays dark.  It’s time to pick up a book…a practice that began when their parents read to them nightly when they were tots.  Bedtime is a strict 8:30 for Sasha and 9 for big sis Malia.

Education and personal responsibility are clearly priorities in the White House.   The girls are awakened by alarm clocks, make their beds and get themselves dressed every morning.  In the Obamas’ no-nonsense style of parenting, their daughters are responsible for getting themselves to school on time.

These are rules that the Obamas feel all parents can easily enforce, regardless of their economic situation.

“There’s no doubt that Michelle and I have more resources and privileges compared with a lot of parents. We understand that,” the President said in an interview appearing in  Esquire’s March issue. “But I don’t care how poor you are — you can turn off the television set during the week.”

Methinks that the Obamas are onto something.  What say you?  Are the First Parents on target or have they gone too far?

Image:  Dailyradar