The Obamas: They're Just Like Us . . . Only Really, Really Different (VIDEO)

The Obama family
The Family Obama

Sometimes I look at the Obamas and think they seem so normal. You know, white house with a fence, a couple of young kids and a marriage that seems strong and tender. And then I remember that their white house is the White House, the fence is a gaggle of Secret Service officers, and the kids are the offspring of the most powerful couple in the world.

Still, they are a real family, and when they moved to Washington they had real family concerns, like, what should they pack and if the girls would like school.

It’s an election year, so the First Family has released a video to remind you that they’re just like us. And the video does remind me of that, but at the same time, it’s still hard to forget that while they are like me, they’re really just like me only if my house were on lots, and lots of steroids (you know, to make it 44 times bigger than it is now).

Take a look at the video:

Photo & video credit: YouTube

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