The Oblivious Suburban Mom Meme: An Ode To The Clueless Among Us


We all know one — one of those moms who is totally and utterly clueless. They walk around sporting a pair of rose-colored glasses and a misguided belief that their children can do no wrong.  They believe that the pot smell in the air is actually incense, that the Playboy found under his bed was put there by a friend, and that the big red mark on their neck isn’t a hickey, it’s a spider bite.  These women walk the world oblivious.

And now there is a series of memes paying homage to the Oblivious Suburban Mom. Pasted upon a photo agency image of a “mom,” users at QuickMeme have been submitting their own captions to create a hilarious gallery of cluelessness.

Check out a couple more of the memes right here:

And to see the full gallery, you can check it out right here.


Via Buzzfeed

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