The Office of the Future. Pretty Please?


bryce-office-chair-7-23-07The staff of Rally Software in Boulder, CO was growing–at least their families were.  CEO Tim Miller counted seventeen new additions born to various staff members  and realized that he needed to do something to accommodate these potential future software developers.

So he created a parenting room with cribs and nursing areas.  A nice one, where moms, dads and kiddies can all feel comfortable.  With pretty pictures on the wall.  And comfy seats.

Children are clearly welcome at Rally.

So why am I upset?  I hate that I saw this story on CNN…it simply shouldn’t be news.

Common sense dictates that parents are happier knowing their little ones are properly cared for.  Happy employees are productive employees.  Yeah, Tim Miller is a good guy and I’d love to work for him…but he’s a smart businessman too.  Few people can work out of the house, so it would just make life a little easier, and employees work harder, if the situation at Rally were the norm.

Don’t you wish this wasn’t newsworthy?

See the video here.