The One Symptom That Always Told Me I Was Pregnant

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My beloved coffee suddenly turned to liquid pennies.

When I was pregnant with my first child, I bought a copy of “What To Expect When You’re Expecting” and consulted it daily. I’d see exactly at what point of pregnancy I was at, and then read ahead to see where I was going. I read all those worst case scenarios and signs of what to expect should something go wrong, but they never scared me. I have always felt that the more information, the better.

I especially liked the pregnancy symptoms section because while I was a little more tired than usual and had headaches, it wasn’t anything that was unusual, or couldn’t be written off as PMS. One day, however, I grabbed a cup of morning coffee and everything changed.

It tasted funny, or more specifically like tin. I threw it out and figured it was  just a bad cup of coffee. But it happened again with anything I drank or ate, even water. Especially water.

It was about the same time that I realized I was late and took a pregnancy test. I immediately got the book and was relieved to read that a metallic taste is a very common pregnancy sign. It only lasted a few weeks, and didn’t occur every day. While I had no idea what this was in my first pregnancy, I knew immediately the second time around- even before taking any pregnancy test.

In my subsequent pregnancies, the minute,  and I mean the minute I had that strange sensation that I was sucking on a penny, I immediately knew I was pregnant. I didn’t even need a pregnancy test, I was so sure. It was that one sign that I knew for me was proof positive. Even while writing this, I am summoning up that queasy feeling.

One friend told me she gets a strange pelvic pain on one side about the time her period should come and she feels this is the fertilized eggs implanting itself. Another friend says that when newly pregnant, she cannot make it through the day without a nap and she knows she’s pregnant without a doubt when she falls asleep sitting up (she has four kids).

What about you? Do you have a bodily symptom that immediately tells you that you’re pregnant (other than the obvious missed period)? Did you experience the same early pregnancy symptoms each time you were pregnant?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago
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