The Original Mighty Girl Launches Go Mighty


A few years ago, Maggie Mason decided to commit her hopes and dreams down on paper, creating a Life List (much better name than “bucket list”, yes?). Not too long after that she began doing stuff on her list (thanks in part to a generous sponsor) and realized how universal the idea of a lift list could be, as many began creating their own and sharing them around the web.

Maggie put on her thinking cap and the Mighty Summit was born, a place where a small and exclusive group of bloggers, writers, and media women could get together and discover not only what, exactly, they wanted to include on a life list as well as they could help each other achieve it. Soon after the Mighty team scaled the experience into Camp Mighty, and now the web version, Go Mighty.

Here’s how they announced the launch.

For months, Team Mighty has been hard at work and we are finally ready to share with you what we have been building. What have we created? A place where you can load your life list, connect, and collaborate with others for the purposes of achieving your goals and, where possible, partner with brands to help you tick goals off your list.

Go Mighty team members include the indominitable Laura Mayes (of Mom 2.0 Summit fame, among other things), Sarah Bryden-Brown (formerly of Babble, of course), and Amber Doty as editor. It’s clear that Go Mighty is in good hands. Sadly, it’s also still in beta for invite only (although you can ask to join).

I definitely suggest checking it out!

Full disclosure: I attended the Mighty Summit in 2010, and it was a profound game changer for me. I still refer to my life list regularly, and have felt very focused on meeting my personal goals. I’ve also made lifelong friends (I hope!) with the women I met there. 


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