The 2012 Academy Awards: Why Kids Don't Care About the Oscar Winners

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Did your older kids watch?

It’s no wonder why older kids and teens have no interest in the Oscars. I could barely hold interest myself. I admit the only movies I managed to see this year were The Help (which I positively adored) and The Muppets. Like many other parents, I haven’t had the chance to see all or even many of the nominated films. But that’s not why I found the Oscars so darn uninteresting.

I seriously think last year’s James Franco and Anne Hathaway attracted younger viewers than Billy Crystal (who just brought me back to being bored as a teen when he used to host). And wouldn’t teens be better off watching the Oscars rather than something like the MTV movies awards, which is just ridiculous? Surely, older kids need to be introduced to more sophisticated films than the Twilight series. Yes, it’s up to the parents to help their children become engaged in important movies, but the Oscars are missing a huge viewership by conforming to their old and tired ways.

The academy is composed of mostly elderly, white males and, unfortunately, the show reflects just that. Many blamed Hathaway and Franco’s performance on the actors themselves, but I can see how bored Franco was now after watching last night. The writing was stilted and dull. On top of that, Crystal wasn’t funny, and watching almost felt like a chore. If I didn’t want to see if Viola or Meryl would take Best Actress, I would have turned it off hours before it ended. They surely know this is an issue and they tried their best to cover for it, even by enlisting Justin Bieber to pop up in the opening montage, which was admittedly funny, but still not enough to change the tone of the show in any major way. And there were some fantastic movies up for nominated this year.

The Help is one movie that kids should see; there are wonderful lessons in it all around. It is both heartbreaking and inspiring, and Octavia and Viola are perfection. I imagine The Iron Lady also has some great historical material, and I hear Meryl was astounding.

One part of last night I did like was when Bret McKenzie won for the Muppets song. I’ve liked him since he, along with his other half Jemaine Clement of the New Zealand duo Flight of The Conchords, came into fame with their hysterical HBO series. My favorite part of the night, though was Meryl Streep’s speech. Like I’ve written before, I could watch anything with Meryl in it and love it. When she thanked her husband first and said that spouses always get the last line of thank yous as the music plays was touching. On the verge of tears, she said: “Everything I value most in our lives, you’ve given me.” Just beautiful.

Of course, young kids were asleep but I wonder how the attraction of these movies might change if the Oscars were more engaging for teens. After seeing many of the trailers, I do want to attempt to watch The Artist, even though I have my reservations and I never would have wanted to had I not heard it so beloved at the recent award shows. I am also curious to see why this silent film won so many awards. I also want to see The Iron Lady.

The Oscars missed the boat on this one; they not only managed to dissuade teens from tuning in; they turned off quite a few modern parents who were bored by the stuffiness of the show. The only thing that kept many of us there were the fashion and the Best Actress category. Oh, but I do know quite a few moms who were delighted (and enthralled) to see the charming Jean Dujardin who won for Best Actor.

Guess it’s on to next year now … wonder if Ellen or Melissa McCarthy would be interested in hosting. I think they’d nail it!

What movies do you want to watch since seeing their snippets on award shows? What movies are must-sees for older kids this year?

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