The "Pregnant Man" Can't Get a Divorce. Why?


iStock_000001424080XSmallThomas Beatie is trying to get divorced from his wife Nancy Beatie after 9-year of marriage and bringing three kids into world. But the judge won’t grant a divorce to the couple. Why? Because the husband in question is the infamous “pregnant man” and the judge in Arizona doesn’t see their marriage – that took place in Hawaii – as being legal.

The couple were reportedly wed as Thomas Beatie began his transformation from female to male.What complicates the matter is that the court does not feel like they have enough information to deem Thomas Beatie as being a man at the time of the wedding.

The Huffington Post reports that, “Maricopa County Family Court Judge Douglas Gerlach ruled that Arizona’s ban on same-sex marriages prevents Thomas Beatie’s 9-year union from being recognized as valid.”

“The decision here is not based on the conclusion that this case involves a same-sex marriage merely because one of the parties is a transsexual male, but instead, the decision is compelled by the fact that the parties failed to prove that (Thomas Beatie) was a transsexual male when they were issued their marriage license,” the judge wrote in Friday’s ruling.

Beatie is planning on appealing the decision.

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union from being recognized as valid.

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