The (Real) Top 50 Women On The Web

Babble's lists represent the really amazing women on the Internet.

Coed Magazine (which appears to be a trashier version of the not-exactly-wholesome GQ) has published a list of the top 50 women on the web, purportedly based on Google searches. Mixed in with a lot of pop stars and a smattering of powerful political figures, they list Justin Bieber as number 7. That’s not a typo, just a lame joke at the expense of a talented kid.

Want a real list of the top 50 women on the web? Babble has you covered. Our list of top 50 mom bloggers includes some of the smartest, savviest voices on the web. Covering everything from how to change a diaper to how to change a congressional race, our favorite mom bloggers keep us connected, in the know and sane all year long.

Don’t have time to read a blog post? Take in some of the bite-sized wisdom and humor being offered up by Babble’s top 50 Twitter Moms.

Speaking of bites, the list to read before dinner is Babble’s Top 50 mom food blogs. These bloggers cover everything from DIY donuts to gourmet meals.

And if you want to keep up with the moms who graced Coed magazine’s list, you can surf through Babble’s Top 50 Celebrity Moms.

These lists may not all feature the women most frequently searched for on Google. You’ll get fewer saucy pictures of Angelina Jolie and Katy Perry. What you will get is voices from women with compelling, powerful, interesting things to say. Whether they’re making you crack up with their humor from the trenches of toddlerhood or changing your mind on important political issues, these women will expand your mind. They’re well worth the time you’ll spend reading their thoughtful, provocative work.

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