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The Rocky Horror Glee Show: Too Racy For Kids?

By Sierra Black |

The Rocky Horror Glee Show

The Rocky Horror Glee Show

So that happened. The Glee cast bumped and ground their way through a rough tribute to Rocky Horror. The costumes were good. Mercedes as Frankenfurter was inspired.

Now I have to decide whether or not my kids are old enough to watch Rocky Horror Picture Show. Actually, I know the answer to that: no. Which means they’ll have to wait a good long time to understand why Mama was so excited about this episode of Glee.

The A.V. Club calls it the worst episode this show has ever produced. Mostly it was just boring. Beforehand I was worried about Glee sexing things up too much: in fact the whole thing got bogged down in a discussion between the characters on the show about whether or not Rocky Horror is too sexy for a high school musical.

Is it? Rocky Horror was risque when I was young. And when my parents were young. In a world where Lady Gaga is mainstream, is it still? Frankenfurter’s corsets are practically modest next to what runway models routinely wear.

Yes, it’s a saucy, sexy show. But it seems tame next to the media a lot of kids see every day. It’s hard to imagine a real high school doing this show, but the Glee episode was a lot less disturbing than that GQ photo shoot.

What do you think? Did you let your kids watch this episode? Will you? Is Glee getting too racy for family television?

Photo: screenshot from Glee

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14 thoughts on “The Rocky Horror Glee Show: Too Racy For Kids?

  1. goddess says:

    I am blessed that no one watches Glee any week in my home. My daughter likes Food Network or HGTV and my son likes the History Channel or Discovery. (Now he’d LOVE to watch Cops and Dumbest Criminals if we’d let him, LOL!)BUt he’s just as happy with his Myth Busters and Dirtiest Jobs.

  2. Amy says:

    I don’t think Glee has ever been appropriate for children. A couple of weeks ago Britany and Santana were making out, and Santana made a scissoring joke. Case closed.

  3. Rocky Rocks! says:

    Glee is not a show for kids, so i don’t know why parents are maing a big deal over this. Like Amy said, they say inappropriate things all the time, that’s why it’s a show for teenagers and adults to watch not little kids. Parents are the stupid ones if they allow their kids to watch it. So they shouldn’t complain about the GQ shoot or the rhps episode. And you have to relize that these actors who play the glee characters are in their 20′s and can do what they please.

  4. Sara says:

    Glee has never been a family show. There have been sex jokes from the start. It’s appropriate for high schoolers and for middleschoolers with parent supervision. It has never been a show that’s appropriate for young kids.

  5. Rebecca says:

    Lady Gaga is mainstream? Maybe liking her music is, but I thought the whole point of her craziness was to keep people from thinking of her as mainstream. :p
    I never liked Rocky Horror.

  6. nolamommy says:

    Glee, which I can’t lie I love, is not ok for children. I think its funny all these parents are outraged about the GQ spread. Sadly, there is very little family fare out television that isn’t Disney or Nick, but even I find that more offensive (since it is targeted to children). Seriously, pooh jokes, elderly/fat/girly man jokes count them folks. It makes me cringe more than Glee.

  7. Black Sheep says:

    Glee has never been appropriate for kids under 14, and even that is stretching it. It is very racy, with lots of adult jokes.

  8. KellyK says:

    Why would anyone think it’s “family” television. It’s not. Family if your kids are around 15-16 or older. Do they even market this as a “family” show? I don’t think so. It’s teen angst at it’s finest. That aside I was SO disappointed in last nights episode.

  9. Sara says:

    THIS is the episode you won’t let your kid watch? The orgasm face in the hot tub, the prolonged discussions of staving off premature ejaculation, and the triptych of virginity-losing writhing were hunky-dory, but this is the line?

    It’s not a show for little kids — its just not, and it never, ever has presented itself as such. It’s why I don’t get the furore over the GQ pictures, either.

    Not a kids show. Simple. Just because it’s got kicky music and cheerleading uniforms doesn’t make it appropriate for preteens. Just because it’s on at 8 doesn’t make it appropriate for preteens, either (Friends crossed the line all the time, and so does How I Met Your Mother, now. Great shows – not for kids).

  10. Marj says:

    Isn’t Glee on at about 9pm or something? Not for kids. Still, I think a HS doing RHPS is unlikely. Although my HS did Hair…albeit a version that was so cleaned up it was incomprehensible.

  11. Erin says:

    I’m going to sound like a broken record at this point, but Glee is not a show for kids. It never has been and it’s never been presented that way. It’s always been TV-14 and always been on at either 8 or 9 pm. There’s been sex jokes, teen pregnancy, angst, etc, so I don’t get why people are choosing now to cry “It’s inappropriate for kids!” DUH. It always has been a show for older teens and adults. If you let your kids watch it, blame yourself, not the show.

  12. Leanne says:

    My husband was Eddie in his high school production of Rocky Horror. I was 18 before I went to my first live play along showing of Rocky Horror, and for many years that is how many of my friends and I celebrated Halloween, but I had had the stage production book since the early 80s and knew all the songs (I was born in ’71).

    I think, as a culture, we’re going backwards a bit with this whole “sh! Don’t tell teenagers about sex!”

  13. Lula says:

    Why is Babble so obsessed with Glee and sex?

  14. Rose says:

    I’m sorry but I think that this is absolutely ridiculous, I am 16 and an avid watcher of this fabulous series but if you don’t want your children to be seeing such scenes then don’t let them watch a show that is market to teenagers. The show is im pretty sure PG,which is for 13 and up. Seriously hello??? get off it this is not a show for kids and the presence of sex and horror is in so many other shows and I’m sure even kids have watched and seen much worse, how bout the news for example ??

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