The Safe Snuggle Suit


Doesn’t this fuzzy white suit just make you want to snuggle the little sweetie wearing it? That’s just what it’s for. But don’t overindulge. The suit is wired to set off flashing lights and alarms if the child inside is touched for too long or in an inappropriate place.

No, you can’t buy one at Target.

Artist Helge Fischer made this suit as an ironic statement on our culture of overprotective parenting. But there were plenty of moms and teachers eager to suit up their young charges.

Plenty of others found the suit as disturbing as I do and were happy to talk to Helge about it.

It reminded me of the Yes Men stunt with the emergency life support suits that blew like donuts to protect executives in the case of an environmental catastrophe. And, more sadly because this one was not a joke, of the movement a few years ago to put GPS chips in kids so they could be found in case of abduction.

Would you ever consider putting a suit like this on your kids? Do you think the artist gets her point across?

Photo: Helge Fischer