The "Several Mornings After" Pill


One more tool for the family planning toolbox: A new form of emergency contraception is being reviewed by the FDA that is reported to be consistently effective for up to 5 days after the “oops!”.This makes it what Salon calls a “several mornings after” pill.

EllaOne is already available in Europe, and the FDA is reviewing it now for release in the U.S. This could be good news for moms and our daughters.

Of course anti-choice activists are launching a smear campaign against the drug.

Unlike Plan B, which can be effective for up to 36 hours but is less effective the later it is taken, ElleOne is reputed to work just as well on day 5 as it will on day 1.

Because of the prolonged timeline, anti-choice activists want to paint this drug as an abortion pill, but its mechanism is the same as Plan B and other birth control pills: it prevents pregnancy from occurring.

Hopefully the FDA can see past the hype on this one and approve this drug. Regardless of your stand on abortion, I think we can all agree that fewer unwanted pregnancies are a good thing.

Photo: meddygarnet