From Bugs To Breadcrumbs, The Strange Eating Habits Of Kids: When Do You Indulge?

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Unlike this girl, my daughter would not eat frosting so I made plain cakes at every birthday.

When it comes down to it, every single thing that a parent does is a judgement call, from breastfeeding to braces, and beyond. When you think something is wrong, you discourage your kids from doing it.

Eating is perhaps the one area that causes us great concern right from the start. Should I breastfeed? Should I let my kids eat cookies? How many? How often?

My firstborn had a seemingly normal appetite… but a really strange affinity for breadcrumbs and grated cheese. When I would take them out to make a meal, she would stick a spoon in them and eat them plain. It was cute yet weird at the same time. My husband and I joked that she thought she was a bird. Her odd affection for these two plain ingredients did wear off, but for a certain period, she asked for a spoonful of breadcrumbs or a spoonful of grated cheese and I indulged her. No harm done, I figured. She was a good eater otherwise.

But some moms allow far more than I did. I read today that Angelina Jolie lets her kids eat crickets…as in the actual bug…for a snack! She says they eat them “like Doritos”, and that sometimes they eat so many, she has to tell them to stop because she’s afraid they’ll get sick. You think? Apparently, she also is said to have eaten cockroaches herself last year, according to the NY Daily News so I guess her eating rules are a little broader than most.

I realize that people do, in fact, snack on insects in other countries, but honestly, there is no way, I am letting my kids eat bugs anytime soon.

That is the most extreme case I’ve heard of regarding kids and food, but I have many friends whose kids will only eat the pizza after wiping off all the cheese (my mother would have gone nuts over that one- wasting food!) or will only eat food if it is not touching any other food on their plate.

To a certain point, I really think kids outgrow most of their strange eating behavior and I don’t see it being a big deal (unless they’re eating paint or chalk, etc…). Yet many moms believe it’s important to be strict and deny these food preferences.

What do you think? What’s the weirdest thing your child likes to eat? Do you let him/her or are you strictly business when it comes to mealtime?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago
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