The Time is Near: the Season of School Supplies is Upon Us. Are you Ready? (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: Flickr, Evelyn Giggles

Tick Tock, Tick Tock….  do you hear that?  THAT is the sound of your summer, of my summer, of my children’s summer winding down.  It means school is on our horizon and that means all things BACK TO SCHOOL.  I put it in caps because that is how it is bellowed in my home every day – especially when referencing BACK TO SCHOOL shopping and naturally, school supplies.  The littlest set (where I have been until recently) are relegated to Crayola Central, but now, the fun begins.  Sure, we have a list, but FINALLY, the small girl gets to assert her opinion, show off her style and truly?  Boss me around for the duration of our School Supply adventure.  Why do I allow it?  It is in the name of learning, for Heaven’s sake….  It is just one of the ways I make this process painless.  Another way?  I get it over with early.  Yes.  It is July.  My kids don’t start school for a month, but we are D-O-N-E.

How do you tackle this epic ritual in your kid-mom-school world?

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