The Toddler Years: Moms Make Video to Say "It Gets Better"

In the trenches of the toddler years right now? It gets better.

Annie over at PHD in Parenting asked her readers to share the truth about living and surviving the toddler years. Gathering some fabulous, emotional, and hilarious repsonses, she composed the hefty video below to give other moms the encouragement that It Gets Better.

Right now I’m about to cross the threshold from the baby years into little kid years. We’re currently in that limbo of the toddler years (cue eerie music) and even though this is my fourth— and (probably) my last — each milestone is like the very first time with every child.

I’m facing a kid who might be giving up her nap but oh my goodness she really needs that nap. One who also thinks the potty is bunk and princess Pull-Ups are the only way to go. And she can’t stop touching the Christmas tree. Still. There’s no doubt that she must have radar for when I am at my most exhausted and that is when she drops like a rag doll to the ground demanding that I carry her wherever we might be at that moment, almost always wherever is most inconvenient at the time. Of course.

It does help to know that this too shall pass. It’s so easy to forget and hard to remember. But, it does get better. With each step of independence there are new challenges, for sure, but I think it gets a little bit easier on a mother’s sanity. Things actually start to make sense again. Or maybe that’s because now I’m finally getting solid hours of sleep at a time. Whatever the case, you will get to a point where you look back and think, “that wasn’t so bad.” And if you’re like me you’ll totally picture yourself having another and doing it all over again…

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Photo credit: Theodore Scott

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