The Tooth Fairy Is an Economic Indicator


tooth-fairyWant to know how families are faring in this economy? Ask them how much the tooth fairy is giving these days.

Researchers claim the “Tooth Fairy Index” usually mirrors the Dow Jones Industrial Average. And in 2010, there are signs of economic revitalization.

Run by Delta Dental of Minnesota, the annual Tooth Fairy Index is really a national poll of parents to determine how much they’re shelling out for lost teeth. According to Delta’s press release, there was a significant jump in Minnesota where children receive an average of $1.96 per tooth, a  twenty-one percent increase over 2009.

Nationally they say the average is $2.13, which is a thirteen percent increase over last year’s average of $1.88.

So the economy is righting itself, right? Maybe not. The survey also found that 86 percent of parents surveyed reported that the state of the economy has not impacted Tooth Fairy giving in their household.

So much for an economic indicator. But the new Tooth Fairy Index site could be a big help for parents trying to figure out what to give on the big night. It tracks the trends in countries around the world and offers up “global tooth traditions.”

Image: Tooth Fairy Index

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