The Widow and the Divorcee - Episode 5: Brownies

brownies, divorce
Brownies make everything better. Even divorce.

Life after divorce is messy, especially if you’re a woman, according to experts.  ABC News ran a feature on Friday profiling several divorced women trying to “navigate new lives with fewer financial resources, more child-care responsibilities and the challenge of dating again.”

And then there’s the drinking.  I don’t know about you, Christina Aguilera… but I have certainly spent a few nights consoling myself with grape juice since my divorce.  It’s rumored that Aguilera’s handlers want her to face the fact that she may be drinking too much, and some believe her booze-soaked brain led her to flub the lyrics of the national anthem during the Super Bowl.  (Lucky for me, I’ve always been a lightweight – two glasses of anything and I cut myself off while still pleasantly tipsy.)

But life after divorce has its upsides, too.  Like when your mother, in an effort to cheer you up, discovers a box of brownies from 10 years ago.



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