The Widow and the Divorcee, Episode 6: The Gym

I joined a gym for the first time in a decade.

This week Michelle Obama celebrates the one year anniversary of her Let’s Move campaign, and yet she’s under fire from conservative women like Michele Bachmann – who thinks the First Lady is giving out free breast pumps – and Michelle Malkin, who has accused Mrs. Obama of cloaking “her meddling anti-obesity crusade in medical fakery.”  In criticizing the First Lady’s newly introduced pro-breastfeeding element of her anti-obesity campaign, Malkin says, “Mrs. O’s real interest isn’t in nurturing nursing moms or slimming down kids’ waistlines. It’s in boosting government and public union payrolls, along with beefing up FCC and FTC regulators’ duties.”

Malkin has a right to point to the inconclusiveness of the breast vs. bottle debate, but it’s silly for her to suggest that Surgeon General Regina Benjamin is a hypocrite for telling women, “No mother should be made to feel guilty if she cannot or chooses not to breastfeed,” (Malkin adds) while laying an unmistakable guilt trip on moms and moms-to-be.”  Malkin herself does the same kind of bait and switch in her post on the subject, saying, “As a proud mom who breastfed both of her babies, I’ve been and will always be a vocal defender of women who have devoted the time, dedication and selflessness it takes. But…. we don’t need Big Brother or Big Mother to lead the Charge of the Big Bosom to persuade us of the personal benefits.”  In other words, don’t breastfeed because the Surgeon General and Michelle Obama want you to, breastfeed because you want to.  And you do want to, right?

I wasn’t breastfed, but my mother was, and neither one of us turned out much differently than the other physically.  We’re two pleasantly plump ladies on a health kick these days, trying to recuperate from damage that was inflicted during difficult periods in our lives.  Just the other day I joined a gym for the first time in a decade.  Meanwhile, my mother has been a Zumba devotee for the last several months.  Listen to what she has to say about how it’s changed her life:

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Source: Real Clear Politics

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