The World Will End May 21, 2011! At Least Family Radio Worldwide Thinks So. Why?


“Awesome News,” the world is going to end! Well, at least according to the T-shirts, flyers and beliefs of the followers of Harold Camping and his Family Radio Worldwide.

According to Camping and some pretty unique mathematics of his, the apocalypse will be coming on May 21st, 2011. He says, “Judgment Day is feared by the world and is the day that God will destroy the world because of the sins of mankind. The world is correct in believing that Judgment Day will come. The Bible gives us the correct and accurate information about that Day.”  And on that day the rapture will take all the “saved” people up to heaven. The rest of us? We’ll be living for 153 in a wasteland of unbelievable horror. Oh fun!

Now most don’t take this “news” seriously, and just see it as yet another false alarm or the ramblings of a religious extremist. But others? They totally buy it. And this small group of believers are making drastic decisions that affect not just them, but their entire families.

People are leaving their homes, their families and their jobs to join Family Radio Worldwide on a caravan across the country to warn people of the impending doom. They have given away almost all their worldly belongings and deserted their lives to go on this journey.  Some even left their children to hit the road, instead of spending the last days on earth with their loved ones, they’ve opted to go on this mission.  While on the road they also enlist the help of other believers, even having children help pass out flyers. What kind of emotional scars will these kids have, fearing that the world will end soon?

But odds are, the world will continue past May 21st. Then what? These people that left their homes, their jobs, their families. They will have to rebuild their lives. How angry will they be if their personal rapture doesn’t come to fruition?

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