The Worlds Oldest Mom Dies - Leaves Toddler Twins


cdvtwnsOne good reason not to give birth to kids at an advanced age?  You may die. Yes, you could be hit by a car, lightening or a speeding train at any time. But when you bring children into the world at the age of 66, the odds of not attending your kid’s high school graduation rise dramatically.   A woman in Spain – who is on record as being the oldest woman to give birth has died at the age of 69 leaving behind a set of toddler twins.

The single Maria del Carmen Bousada conceived the children the age of 66 via in vitro fertilization at a Los Angeles clinic.  Why did the clinic perform the procedure on someone at that age? Because she lied about how old she was. She told them she was 55, the cut off at the clinic. She claimed in an interview that she did so because her own mom had lived to the ripe old age of 101 and that she figured that she’s be around to maybe see grandkids. But fate, sadly, did not comply.

There has been no statement to the cause of death, but a report says that she was diagnosed with some kind of tumor after the twins were born.  There is no word on who will care for the three-year-old twins. Her brother reportedly has sold rights for an exclusive interview to a Spanish television program with the proceeds going to the care of his sister’s children.

Do you think it is irresponsible to have children at such an advanced age? Or do you think expecting to live to be 100 is a valid reason to procreate?