The Worst Things That Have Been Said to Parents: A Reader Round-up

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If you have nothing nice to say....keep your mouth shut!

If you’re a parent, you’ve more than likely have been given some unsolicited advice every now and then. Sometimes it’s kind, generous even, but many times, it’s shocking and rude.

When my friend Karen had a two-week-old infant, she went to the store desperate for diapers. It was not far, and she had her newborn nestled in a carrier when one woman on her block saw her and admonished her for taking such a young infant outside. It was May and 75 degrees, the sun was shining and the baby was comfy and safe. According to the old woman, the baby was in danger of being in the general public while his immune system was so brand new.

Between her fear of doing anything to hurt her baby and her hormones that had been recently unleashed, Karen went home and cried, partly because such a nasty remark caught her off guard but also because she was a new mom, scared, and very sleep-deprived.

We polled our Facebook fans and asked them to finish this sentence,

“The worst thing anyone’s ever said to me as a parent is ________.”

Yikes, did we get some harsh responses!

1. My husband went on a business trip for a whole week so now I know JUST how you feel! (said to a single mom)

2. She’s not autistic; she just needs more discipline.

”Ž3. Don’t your kids EVER listen? (This was from the woman’s own mom!)

4. I could babysit. I’m sure your kids would act a lot better if you weren’t here to protect them. (Umm, no thanks!)

5. You breastfeed because you’re too lazy to get up and make a bottle in the middle of the night.

6. I had a lady in the middle of Wal-Mart loudly ask me if I was babysitting my daughter ’cause she was too beautiful to actually be mine!

7. My son was born with a gene mutation, which caused him to have an enlarged head. A lady at the mall asked me if he “was one of those midgets with the big heads.” Another lady at Wal-Mart asked me if he was autistic.

8. What’s wrong with him? The question was in reference to my special-needs child. If you are babysitting him, this is ok to ask. If you are standing in line beside me at Wal-Mart, this is NOT!!

9. My oldest son was a very happy child. A woman I went to church with said, “Your baby smiles all the time! Is he retarded?”

10. After spending all night in ER with my two-year-old not being able to breathe, my MIL’s friend said, “Asthma is a made-up illness, all she needs is a good spanking.”

11. There is no such thing as ADHD, you just need to whip his ass and show him who is BOSS.

12. “You must be so stressed all the time.” Umm actually no I’m not. I love my kids, I love raising them, and I know I’m all they need. I find peace in knowing I’m raising them the way I want to, the RIGHT way.


What’s the worst thing you’ve ever been told as a parent?

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