The Year in Google Searches, A Year in Conversations

What were you searching for in 2010?

Full disclosure: I am a sucker for a year end list.  The year in pictures, the year in books, the year in movies, the year in candy bars, I’ll take them all and I’ll cry when I’m done.

Google’s video of the year in searches, Google Zeitgeist (after the jump) is no different.  Only this time, as I was watching, I started thinking about how the major events of the year entered our life as a family and how they didn’t.  I was  struck by how much happens that doesn’t get talked about. Current events for kids and current events like the European debt crisis obviously aren’t the same thing, but still.  Watching the video brought home how parenting often means editing and sometimes means recognizing how what’s not really all that important to everybody who doesn’t have kids.  Case in point: Silly bandz. But then there are the events that our too big not to slip onto the table no matter what we do. The earthquake in Haiti; the floods in Pakistan; the oil spill in the Gulf; the Chilean Miners; the World Cup.

Each of these events rippled through our family. There was no way to keep our kids from seeing images from the earthquake or flood, and so we had difficult conversations about what can happen when the earth buckles or the waters rise.   When the oil well blew up in the Gulf, there was no way for our children not to overhear us talking about the spill.  It didn’t help that I couldn’t stop myself from muttering about it intermittently during the day for weeks on end.  And when Spain won the world cup my kids wanted to know why so many people were cheering so loudly and why our nice neighbor with the accent (from the Netherlands) looked so sad. In the end, these year end lists remind us (as if we needed it) that time slips like water through our hands.

But people searched for all kinds of things this year.  What big events from the year did you talk about most with your kids?

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