Theme Park Offers to Hypnotize Away Rollercoaster Fears


rollercoaster-dadA British theme park convinced that too many parents are acting like fuddy duddies and spoiling the fun for their thrill-hungry kids has come up with a solution: a free session with a hypnotherapist.

The officials at the Chessington World of Adventure near London told the Surrey Comet this should help parents actually ENJOY the rides, instead of offering to hold their kids’ bags or grudgingly climbing aboard for a white knuckle ride.

The park is currently running a contest, asking kids to enter their “scaredy cat parents” by noting which ride they wish their parents would ride with them. Those chosen will earn the session with professional hypnotherapist Stephen Rigby.

Rigby’s website offers a virtual A to Z of conditions he pledges to help with his hypnosis sessions, everything from amnesia to warts (OK,  he stops at W – no zipper-phobias to be cured). For fears – including fear of rollercoasters – he says he uses a mix of hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming. The latter basically is a study of the words you use to describe your fears.

In case of rollercoasters, we’re imagining that would be: high, fast . . . barf. Which our kids find incredibly alluring, but many of us gave up on about the time we actually HAD kids.

It sounds like the park has at least cottoned on to an idea of how to encourage repeat business – parents who enjoy the rides won’t be so hard to convince. But if they really want to pack the park with parents, how about Neuro Linguisitic Programming for the kids. . . replacing the words “No, I don’t wanna” with “Yes, Mom, I will clean up my room right now.”

Image: Chessington