There's An App For Those Resolutions


There are just a few days left in 2011. New Year’s Resolution time… time to start fresh in 2012 with a clean slate. If you need some inspiration, check out Cecily’s roundup of resolutions from mom bloggers!

If you’re dusting off the gym bag or the yoga mat, you won’t be alone! But how do we give ourselves a fighting chance at successfully changing habits or reaching the lofty goals we set this January? Because if last year (or the year before or the year before that) is any indication, the gym really opens up in… oh, February! :)

This being Mom Crunch and all, what new tech tools are there that can support our good intentions? Well, the iPhone app called Resolutions 2012 from 2morrow mobile could be the trick.

The Apple store touts that “Resolutions 2012 is about improving your life by changing your actions.” Having done my fair share of self-improvement myself as well as hosting classes in the self-development space through Hopeful World I can attest that this is true — attitudes and beliefs cannot be changed without changing the behaviors, the regular practices that support them. So on this principle alone, the Resolutions 2012 is promising.

It works in three steps. First, you record your resolution. The, you identify the habits or behaviors that you need to reach your goal. Third, you track your success by recording each action.

The app uses gaming tactics that are common in social platforms to support your goals: achievement badges, reminders, sharing progress via email, SMS, Facebook and Twitter, stats, and rewards.

The app helps you to focus on five habits/behaviors at at time for $.99 (you can track more for a premium upgrade).

Think Farmville but for weight loss or just think how exciting it will be to see that your storage area is 65% organized — like on your LinkedIn profile! You’ll even get prompts on how to move it further along (“bag the sweaters!”)

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