There's More Than One Way to Pull a Loose Tooth: The Dog Dentist (Video)

Meet Clancy, the Dog Dentist!

My kids are still growing their baby teeth so I have yet to experience a loose tooth scenario.

Which is a good thing because the whole thing makes me squeamish.

But some parents really get into the spirit of helping their child pull a loose tooth. Parents like Channing Quist of Utah. The father of four decided to involve the family dog, Clancy, in the pulling of adorable (and very trusting) daughter Ava’s tooth.

So far the video of the inimitable Clancy at work has already scored nearly 110,000 views. It was just featured on the news in Salt Lake City, 2 News This Morning, and I have it on good authority a second news station is trying to get in touch with the Quist family to meet Clancy the wonder dog dentist.

So yeah – what do you get when you have a loose tooth, a ball, and a psychotic dog that absolutely loves a ball? The answer in the video below:

The dog’s nails clickety-clacking crazily on the floor get me ever time.


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