These Kids Hate Being Dressed Up for Christmas (Photos)

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Baby Jesus didn’t have to dress like this…

You bought the perfect little Santa hat or reindeer ears or elf costume and you’re determined to take the cutest photo of your heavenly angel all dressed up to celebrate Christmas. Instead you get a grumpy face, watery eyes and a mini Santa suit covered in snot. You are not alone. Families across America are looking at all kinds of photos like these of their kids this holiday season:

  • You guys said if I was good this year… 1 of 12
    You guys said if I was good this year...
    you wouldn't get divorced!
  • No, it’s not cuter when I do this! 2 of 12
    No, it's not cuter when I do this!
    I don't even know what the "Home Alone" face IS!
  • You mean…. 3 of 12
    You mean....
    I have to dress like this every December for the rest of my life?!
  • Here, is this what you want? 4 of 12
    Here, is this what you want?
    You want me to stand here in this Santa hat like a trained monkey, huh? Okay, no problem.
  • Nooooooooo!!!! 5 of 12
    The only thing on my Christmas list was a shirt! AND YOU FAILED ME.
  • But… 6 of 12
    The man said if I want to be Santa I have to share my toys and I don't want to share my toys because they're MINE.
  • Thumbs down, Mom and Dad. 7 of 12
    Thumbs down, Mom and Dad.
    Everything about your attempt at making Christmas fun is lame. Also, I'm not giving you a raise.
  • I was kidding! 8 of 12
    I was kidding!
    Of course I wanted more than just my two front teeth!
  • When you said you wanted me to dress up as an elf… 9 of 12
    When you said you wanted me to dress up as an elf...
    I thought you meant the cool kind from "The Hobbit."
  • Why??? 10 of 12
    Why is this hat so long? It's stupid! No one else's Santa hat is this long! Waaaahhhhhh!
  • I SAID 11 of 12
    I SAID
  • Hrmph. 12 of 12
    Another box from Tiffany. Yawn.

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