These Princesses Have Fallen Hard


snhowwhiteandbratsThe Disney princesses may have taken over our daughters’ every thought, but these girls are getting whipped in the pop art realm.

First the girls got twisted in paintings and now it’s a photographer who has turned Disney’s most recent profiteers into something a little more disturbing.

Photographer Dina Goldstein says she was inspired by a bunch of three-year-old girls (no, really) to take another look at the princesses. Let’s just say birds won’t be landing on these ladies’ shoulders anytime soon.

Jasmine’s packing some serious heat (and we’re not talking the desert sun), and Belle’s more beast than beauty on a plastic surgeon’s table. The non-Disney set gets its due too with Rapunzel holding her golden locks in one hand while she grips an IV pole with another and Little Red Riding Hood is anything but little sucking down some fast food.

As an artist, can you really blame them for not passing up the inherent mockability of these oh-too-perfect plastic creations? Sure, Cinderella’s just a sweet maid girl with an evil step-monster, but can’t you see a chick like that in a dive like this?


Are you digging the piss on the princess oeuvre or are you already over it?

Images: JPG Magazine check out the rest of them here

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