They Give Scholarships For That?


Don’t think your kid is being sassy if he tells533027_58505780_crop you playing marbles will help him in college.  Likewise, don’t get too upset should your teenager only want to speak to you in Klingon.  And there’s more to playing the bagpipes, when it comes to college, than rock and roll and groupies.  It turns out that all of those things can actually get you a scholarship to help defray the cost of college.  And those are just a few of the off-the-wall scholarships available to the college-bound.

Personally, I’m considering the American Nudist Research Library Scholarship, but I think people might pay more to have me keep my clothes on.  The United States Bowling Congress offers scholarships to fans of the sport — I wonder if my overhand style would give me an advantage?  Trekkies have a shot at multiple scholarships — the Klingon Language Institute (yes, there really is one) offers $500 to a student studying languages, as does the Starfleet Academy.  And for those whose science fiction interests are less focused, there is the Writers and Illustrators of the Future Contest.

All of these, and more, have been collected on the Zen College Life site as 45 of the weirdest college scholarships.  While not everyone will qualify for all of these (or even most), it is a good reminder that there is funding out there for college, sometimes just waiting to be asked for.  Especially if you’re a 6’2″ vegetarian duck caller with a wool fetish.

Photo: marygober