They Say: 3 Tricks Will Cure Childhood Obesity


weigh-inChildhood obesity may be the major puzzler for American parents, but a new study claims to have the answer in three simple steps.

Slated for the March issue of the Journal of Pediatrics, the study comes out of The Ohio State University College of Public Health, where researchers looked at some eight thousand American pre-schoolers. So what are the mysterious three keys to a healthier kid?

1. Sitting down to dinner on a regular basis

2. Limiting TV time and

3. Getting plenty of sleep.

Separately they’re all known to be good for kids, but together, the researchers say parents can “dramatically slash a child’s risk for becoming obese.” And by dramatic, they’re talking a forty percent lower risk of packing on the pounds if you start these routines early.

Reading between the lines, what these ideas really point to is good nutrition (eating family dinners allows parents to model eating healthy foods and control what their kids are taking in and how much) and plenty of exercise (limiting TV time is generally thought to increase a child’s movement – although we specifically use the music channels to get our kid dancing on her yoga mat.

In other words, there’s not much surprising here. Does this list help your family?

Image: Community Service@Naz, flickr

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