They Say: Abuse of ADHD Drugs On the Rise


adhd-drugs-pharmaceutical-774231One thing about kids. They have short attention spans. You could look at almost any kid and think they have either a mild or full blown case of attention deficit disorder. And with our texting, TV and action packed schedules, it’s no wonder kids are feeling scattered and spazzy. But do they really have a clinical diagnosed case of ADHD or are doctors prescribing ADHD drugs as a go-to answer to parent’s complaints of an unfocused child?

But the doctors aren’t the only ones pushing the pills, according to a report out this week in the August issue of Pediatrics they say that there has been a massive rise in ADHD drug abuse amongst American teens.
Kids are overdoing usage of the drug to get a cheap high and gain more alertness. The pills are commonly crushed up and then snorted which speeds up the effects giving the user a brief high. But most of the abusers don’t know the first thing about the side effects such as agitation, a rapid heartbeat, super high blood pressure and death.

The massive increase in the drug’s abuse are in line with the 86% rise in prescriptions of the drugs to children aged 10 to 19 with about 8 million prescriptions currently being issued.

Do you think ADHD drugs are being over prescribed?