They Say: Airbags Safe for Preggos


airbag-deployedGetting into a car accident when you’re pregnant is terrifying – trust me, been there, done that, had to anxiety attack on the way to the hospital. But here’s a bit of good news to keep you breathing in and out (hey, practice your Lamaze!) after an accident:

A new report says airbags are not going to hurt your baby in your belly.

Published in the new issue of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the study was performed in Washington State, focusing on women in the front seat during a car crash.

With more than thirty thousand women involved in car crashes annually, the researchers wanted to see if the airbag was a risk women should be willing to take (because some cars allow you to turn them off). Turns out they literally saw no increased risk when women were in a crash where the airbag deployed.

The researchers cite past studies that found car crashes are one of the leading causes of death for pregnant women and their fetuses, coupled with evidence that airbags have been proven to reduce fatalities. In the end, they say, use the airbag – it won’t just save your life, it will save your baby’s as well.

Were you in an accident while pregnant? Did the airbag deploy?

Image: adam*b via flickr

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