They Say: American Kids Still Lagging in Math and Science


badmathMost of our kids may be able to read and write a-okay but they are apparently lagging in their all important math and science studies. This week the Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, stated that American kids are falling behind in those areas and may not be able to compete globally.

The National Center for Education Statistics did a comparison of 15-year-old students here and abroad and found that American kids ranked below average in both math and science. In their math studies, the kids came in at the bottom quarter of the report. In all, the scores haven’t fallen but they have remained stagnant with other countries scores getting better.

Duncan told the National Science Board this week, “We are lagging the rest of the world, and we are lagging it in pretty substantial ways…I think we have become complacent. We’ve sort of lost our way.” He continued to say about the study that, “It has huge implications…I think as a real economic imperative we have to educate our way to a better economy.”

One factor he cited was that it’s hard in some places in the US to find good math and science teachers and saying that perhaps a system should be introduced to pay math and science teachers more to make the marketplace more competitive.

Do you think it’s the teachers or the students who are to blame?