They Say - Arguments Are All Mom's Fault


3968783385_80116c79e61A survey of 3,000 British families found that arguments break out among family members about three times a day — adding up to four solid days of arguing a year.

That’s it?  Four days?  I might have guessed a little higher.

The survey also found that most arguments are “caused” by moms.

Moms start arguments over household chores, kids not participating in family life, and being taken for granted, reports the Telegraph.  TV viewing and high phone bills also ranked high on the list.  It seems that moms are a major pain in the butt, wanting their kids to grow up all civilized and responsible and all.  SHEESH.

Moms took the heat in this survey, but dads weren’t afraid to jump into the fray.  Daughters were most likely to stomp off and slam their doors, while dads took long car rides to cool off.

And finally, the most ironic tidbit:  1 in 10 families weren’t speaking to each other when this survey was taken.

No one ever said family life was easy.  What does your family argue about?


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Photo: Paolo Tarantini, Flickr

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