They Say: Born in Winter, You'll Never Catch Up


winter-babyWhat if the day you’re born, you could already tell how long you’ll live and how well you’ll do in school? Scientists think they can.

But where studies have long posited that a winter birthday is to blame for poor test scores, lower earnings and poor long-term health, there’s a new theory about birthdays.

Poor people, a couple of Notre Dame researchers found, are more likely to give birth during the winter. In other words? It might not be a January birthday that’s the problem. It’s a problem if your mom and dad can’t afford to put food on the table (poor health), are less educated (poor test scores) and can’t give you a bright start for a bright future (lower earnings).

The researchers ended up on this train of thought almost on accident – they found siblings are often born around the same time of the year. Think about it – how many couples do you know whose children’s birthdays are spread apart by a significant margin? There are always the few exceptions, but the rule holds true for a major percentage of the people I know. Several more parents I know even throw shared birthday parties because their kids’ were born within the same week.

Giving birth this winter or already have a winter baby? Good news – at least one study (out of Harvard no less) says your kids are going to be OK. Back in 2006, another group of researchers found winter-borns were “bigger, brighter and more successful.”

Sometimes, reading the studies is as much of a crapshoot as reading the stars.

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