They Say: BPA-Free? Maybe Not So Much


bpaApparently tests run on supposedly Bisphenal-A (BPA)-free baby bottles have turned up positive…for BPA.  A study sponsored by the Canadian government was run in advance of a planned BPA ban, and as a control, bottles not made with polycarbonate plastic (which usually contains BPA) were tested, along with the known BPA-containing bottles.

What they found shocked health officials.  There were tracesof the chemical even in bottles not made using it.

How could this be?  The leading theory is that “traces of BPA found to migrate from these bottles could be artifacts of the manufacturing process” whatever that means. Then, because the non-BPA bottles leached less of the toxin than known BPA-containing bottles, they were declared “a reasonable alternative” to the BPA bottles.

Maybe it’s reasonable and maybe it’s not.  But I have to quibble with calling something “free” of something that it contains–even in a trace amount.  My family will be sticking to glass and stainless steel.  Yours?