They Say: C-Section Doesn't Stop Breastfeeders


breastfeeding1The idea of major surgery scares everyone, but women may have one less reason to worry about a possible C-section. A new study says women who undergo a Cesarean birth do not have a harder time breastfeeding for a lengthy period of time.

The study out of England followed some two thousand moms and determined the largest factors for breastfeeding cessation were race and number of children.

The link between a C-section with its delayed initiation of breastfeeding and the length of time a mom stuck with it was deemed “weak,” by the researchers at the University of Manchester.

Published in the latest issue of BMC Pediatrics, the study found white women were seventy percent more likely to stop breastfeeding earlier than non-white counterparts. Likewise, they found that women who already had children at home were more likely to continue breastfeeding for longer periods of time than women on their first baby (perhaps because women are more experienced, and therefore more at ease after baby number two?).

As for the C-section – it didn’t matter if baby was put to breast one hour or two days after the birth, the total length of time spent feeding with breastmilk was the same.

Does this surprise you?

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