They Say: Kate Gosselin is a Wino


kate_gosselinIf I was Kate, I’d probably be hitting the bottle too.  New ‘reports’ are saying that Kate Gosselin of Jon and Kate Plus 8 fame enjoys one, two, three or more glasses of vino after a long day of filming, being chasing by the paparazzi, and raising eight children.  Someone who used to work for the family says that she witnessed Kate finish off a bottle of wine, without the aid of Jon, several times a week after the kids were put to bed.

The source, who worked for the Gosselin’s for 6 months stated that “Jon didn’t usually drink with her, and he didn’t seem pleased with it…he’d roll his eyes and tell Kate to put the wine down. She’d answer, ‘Screw you. I’ll do what I want.’ Her frustration with the kids seemed to be taking a toll, and drinking was her outlet.”

Is there anything wrong with getting your ‘drink on’ after the kids are in bed?


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