They Say: Kids With Cancer Had Brush With Pesticides


pesticide_use1Somehow this news is not surprising, albeit absolutely awful. Researchers have found that children suffering from acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) were “significantly” more likely to have been exposed to household pesticides than a control group.

That meant, according to scientists whose report will appear in the new issue of the medical journal Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, that the parents the were more likely (thirty-three percent to fourteen percent) to use household pesticides, and the kids were more likely to show a concentration of the components of organophosphates in their bloodstream. The pesticides in question were commonly used on household gardens rather than those limited to commercial use.

The most common of all childhood cancers, ALL accounts for close to six thousand new diagnoses in kids every year. If this link is that strong, it would stand to reason that the prevalence of pesticides in American homes could be playing a large role in the prevalence of said cancer.

Personally it makes me that much happier that I have a black thumb . . . not to mention that much more certain I’ll be washing the heck out of my fruits and vegetables in the future. Do you use pesticides in your garden?

Image: ToxicNation